Thank You, Suzi Roberts

I write blogs about sports.

If you have read any one of my posts you would see that somewhat quickly.

And, some times I guess outcomes of college football games right — some times — even though our son is a lot better than me. The sports writing takes a seat on the bench for a few words here.

I have been blessed with an extremely artistic and choreography guru of a wife since 2006 that blows my mind every time I see her teach a class or view one of her pieces on stage. Happy early anniversary, by the way, Hiliarie (beat ya!).

Eli gets his passion and love for sports from me — no doubt. HesterGrace, however, gets every ounce of her love for dance, the spotlight and the stage from Hiliarie.

HesterGrace is wise beyond her years when it comes to people. She can read people and know when they are upset and know when they just need a minute of complete silence or just a little snuggle.

She is compassionate and cares about people and their feelings more than most kids her age, now at the ripe old age of 8.

She has been very blessed over the last 18 months or so (who’s counting) to become really close to (and spend many hours with) a very important person in our own little piece of the world, the famously hot Palmetto State.

She looks up to this person. She admires this person. She asks us all the time if this person would approve or do what she is she is wanting to do. She asks Hiliarie to send pictures, videos and messages to this person for no real reason at all. She wants to follow in every footstep of this person. She would love to be this person when she grows up.

As HesterGrace’s dad, from all of the reasons listed above, and many, many more, all I can say is THANK YOU.

Thank you to the 81st Miss South Carolina, Suzi Roberts!

Thank you for being such a great role model for our daughter.

Thank you for being a daily inspiration and reminder for her to always do her best — no matter the situation.

Thank you for taking her to a movie and spending time with her at the mall. She raved about it for weeks and could not take the smile off her face.

Thank you for always responding to her Snaps and texts — even when they might be utterly pointless.

Thank you for sharing the dancing stage with her and knowing that she has not stopped talking about that night.

Thank you for always teaching her to chase her dreams while ultimately caring about others through your hard work and determination in your professional career and personal involvement in the local communities.

Thank you for being the best Miss SC ever — HesterGrace’s words!

Thank you, Suzi Roberts for being just that, Suzi Roberts.

As a parent in today’s world we pray that our children have role models and impactful people in their lives that will light a fire in their heart and their actions when their own parents do not know what they are talking about and they look at us like we have 2 heads.

For HesterGrace you have definitely provided that spark and we can’t wait to see it grow so THANK YOU.

You have been amazing to our daughter and our family on so many levels so Thank You.

To steal a line (that I use very often) from Remember the Titans, “Attitude reflects leadership, Coach.” That is no more evident than your relationship with your mother and your attitude towards everything you put your mind to — which is very inspirational. Mariah, you are a gem and you know it!

In a few days you will give away your crown to #82 and a new woman will have huge shoes to fill for our wonderful state, but to HesterGrace you will continue your role as (Miss) Suzi Roberts.

That is all that Hiliarie and I can ask so THANK YOU from the bottom of our now rhinestoned heart!


The picture used is not mine and was pulled from social media.

Please visit for more information on this great organization and its community involvement.

And be sure to watch the 2018 competition on Saturday, June 30th at 8 pm. Check local listings for channel and programming.


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