Week 11 Picks — The Replacement

Another week of picks and even more Ls for the author of this blog.

Do you realize I have only beat Eli 1 week by record. Yes, he has 8 wins and we have 1 tie.

Yeah, it can’t get any better, right?

Then, Eli gets sick this week (feel better, bud) and does not feel up to doing videos. So, mommy steps up to the plate and becomes his week 11 replacement (check out the movie — how did it not get an Oscar?). Mommy is such a trooper and agreed to step right in. The ultimate team player. Maybe I should get her to start making my picks…ha!

Like I can win this week any way, right?

Eli went 7 – 3 (again) to move his overall record to 97 – 35. I went 6 – 4 to my total tally to 60 – 40. He remains 5 games ahead of me with 4 weeks and bowls left.

Mommy’s record this week will indeed count toward Eli’s greatness.

Top 5

Florida @ South Carolina

The Gamecocks better get ahead early or this one could be tight come 4th quarter. UF will improve from week 1 to week 2 under new regime. Gators use stingy defense and great special teams to turn back Cocks.

Mommy — https://youtu.be/ttSLDvu7IhE

Cov’s Call — UF 18 – 14

Florida State @ Clemson

The Tigers are double digit favorite and will show their strengths all over the field Saturday. Orange britches will overrule the Tomahawk Chop.

Mommy — https://youtu.be/LIlPTTbWp-Q

Cov’s Call — Tigers 28 – 10

Georgia @ Auburn

The Dawgs make the westward trek to the Plains and pretty much put the nail in the coffin for Gus’ tenure in southeastern Alabama. Too much Chubb, Michel, and Swift.

Mommy — https://youtu.be/LQlbEpTS_uA

Cov’s Call — UGA 24 – 17

Notre Dame @ Miami

This game reminds me of the late 80s contest but the roles may have changed. This one will be 1 to watch for sure but I think the Golden Domers find a way to dethrone the Canes and knock off another undefeated team.

Mommy — https://youtu.be/Fc3vhRP2KxA

Cov’s Call — ND 27 – 21

TCU @ Oklahoma

Pretty much a playoff elimination game in the Big 12. Baker goes nuts in 2nd half and secures the Heisman as Sooners make up ground in the standings. TCU struggles on O.

Mommy — https://youtu.be/sg9iUhXSSjM

Cov’s Call — OU 35 – 27

5 Words or Less

Alabama @ Mississippi State

Mommy — Dogs drown in the Tide.

Cov’s Call — Dogs bow down to Tide.

Iowa @ Wisconsin

Mommy — Hawkeyes falter in flight.

Cov’s Call — Badgers return the Woodshed favor.

Arkansas @ LSU

Mommy — Ham sandwiches anyone?

Cov’s Call — Tigers rush to pig out!

Michigan State @ Ohio State

Mommy — Spartans must have nut allergy.

Cov’s Call — Buckeyes lose control against Sparty.

Oklahoma State @ Iowa State

Mommy — Cowboys wind up in Oz.

Cov’s Call — Pokes spun around in Ames.

That is it, folks. Here is hoping that I can win this week. Riiiiighhhttt???

Thanks for reading. You all are the best. Until next time…


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