Week 10 Picks — Full House Saturday

We love that awesome family from San Francisco.

All of them…from the twins up to Danny Tanner himself. The shows are great but they teach those important life lessons we can all learn from. Our family Has been tied to every episode of late, laughing with joke and crying with every heart wrenching moment.

That is what week 10 is from my view point. Things are getting real as the time changes and teams win or lose, bowl positioning is decided, and championships are won or not.

The schedule is a full house slate of games as 7 games involved both teams being ranked. Grab your popcorn, it is going to be fun.

Eli got me once again in week 9. I have come to be okay with that beating him might not happen this year. He went 7 – 3 to move his adjusted record to 86.5 – 32. I went a respectable 6 – 4 to move my straight up record to 53 – 37.

On to week 10…maybe there is hope there.

Top 5

Clemson @ N.C. State

The Tigers will have their challenges but Good Guys Wear White and they will prevail in this game as well.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/jOaeCDgYD5A

Cov’s Call — CU 27 – 21

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

Game Day comes to Stillwater, but unfortunately for the Sooners that will be the best thing about their day. Cowboys roll.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/f_7Bhjzv1ns

Cov’s Call — OSU 31 – 29

South Carolina @ Georgia

The Dawgs will have their day. Running the ball at will and QB1 Jacob Fromm will throw less than 9 passes the entire game.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/JDE1TR6aLbA

Cov’s Call — UGA 38 – 13

LSU @ Alabama

21 points. That is the spread and that is unfamiliar territory for them, but Alabama does not care…one bit. They will pound the ball and will stop everything that the Tigers throw at them. I hate to say it and I hope the outcome is different but I just don’t see it.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/XbhNxcyRYck

Cov’s Call — 28 – 9

Virginia Tech @ Miami

The Homies do it. They finally make the Canes take the L. No crowd and shotty play from offense does the U in after this one. Hokie Hokie High!

EZCN — https://youtu.be/9bNMeSIS1kA

Cov’s Call — VT 24 – 21

5 Words or Less

Arizona @ USC

EZCN — Wildcats will win.

Cov’s Call — Trojans flash out the Wildcats.

Stanford @ Washington State

EZCN — Stanford washed out by Wazzu.

Cov’s Call — Cardinal tie up the Cougars.

Penn State @ Michigan State

EZCN — Lions will kick out Spartans.

Cov’s Call — Spartans will jump over Lions.

Auburn @ Texas A & M

EZCN — Aggies will be Swaggies.

Cov’s Call –Tigers will upend 12th man.

Wake Forest @ Notre Dame

EZCN — Irish will put asleep Demons.

Cov’s Call — Irish will be golden, Saturday!

There you have it! I took some chances that will hopefully pay off. Time will tell. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading!


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