Week 8 Picks — Elimination Saturday

Everyone keeps calling this Elimination Saturday.

I couldn’t agree more.

If certain teams lose this weekend their title hopes in their conference and on the national stage are done.

Looking right at you now, Michigan!

I be doggone if Eli did not get me again last week with a 6 – 4 record, moving his adjusted mark to 65.5 – 26. I went a mediocre 5 – 5 to move my mark to 41 – 29. Man, oh man. This is not good.

I could get eliminated by my own son in picks after this week. Oh, the madness!

Top 5

Syrcause @ Miami

The Canes have won back to back games in the last seconds. The Cuse are coming off a big win against Clemson. Which team rides the euphoric wave to victory this week? I see a lot of orange and green in my forecast as The U pulls out another stunner in Miami Gardens.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/gkljhTm0iAU

Cov’s Call — Miami 28 – 24

Tennessee @ Alabama

This one is over before the teams take the field. The Tide will cover the spread and leave no doubt against the Vols. See ya, Butch! UT will be looking for a new coach after this beating. Run right and run left with a little Hurts mixed in between.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/l2tTwaaQGHUCov’s

Cov’s Call — Alabama 45 – 6

LSU @ Ole Miss

As big as this game is for Coach O, Ole Miss has nothing to lose and that scares me. And LSU has had all sorts of success in Oxford lately, right? Nada! I see the Rebels in a mild upset and the bandwagon of Coach O haters gets full again going into bye week!

EZCN — https://youtu.be/bYaOBcDhwJc

Cov’s Call — Ole Miss 28 – 23

Michigan @ Penn State

This starts a huge gauntlet for the Lions and Big Blue needs this one to stay alive. The defenses in this one will lead the way, but Happy Valley will be rocking. Must make trip here…must! Lions pull one out late and the white out turns upside down.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/gTiFgegKxlQ

Cov’s Call — Penn State 21 – 17

USC @ Notre Dame

The channel changer will need an extra battery come Saturday night as this is 1 of like 4 or 5 games on around the same time. Touchdown Jesus does not play defense and the present Fighting Irish will not need him as they all but eliminate the Trojans with a defensive masterpiece in South Bend.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/H9wdBB6K91M

Cov’s Call — Irish 27 – 17

Next 5

Auburn @ Arkansas

EZCN — Auburn will tie up the Hogs.

Cov’s Call — Tigers seal Bielema’s fate with rout.

UCF @ Navy

EZCN — Navy will match right through UCF.

Cov’s Call — The Fighting Frosts overtake Annapolis to remain undefeated.

Oklahoma State @ Texas

EZCN — OSU will let gun-singers go against UT.

Cov’s Call — Texas pulls off big upset and eliminates OSU.

Louisville @ FSU

EZCN — Cardinals will fly away to victory heaven.

Cov’s Call — Seminoles corral LJ8 and stop their terrible season in its tracks.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State

EZCN — Bulldogs will scratch off the Wildcats.

Cov’s Call — UK earns Dooeys after hard fought win.

That is it for week 8. Thanks for reading.

Until next time…


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