Week 6 Picks — On The Chopping Block

Get your school’s favorite axe ready!

There are games this week that could make or break seasons.

It is that time of year where chopping wood comes into play. Either you are the axe or you are the wood!

The result this week for your favorite team will determine that! Personally, I wish I could become more of the axe rather than the wood when it comes picking against my 9-year old son.

I finally won! I finally won a week straight up! I know…I can’t believe it either. Last week I went 8 – 2 to move my overall record to 30 – 20. Eli went 4 – 6 to move his adjusted overall record to 46 – 19. So, yes, he would still be beating me by 1 game without the adjusted record. Can he keep it up in week 6?

Top 5

LSU @ Florida

If Jim McElwain throws the ball more than 5 times in this game he needs to be fired immediately following the conclusion of this game. I mean, Troy ran for over 200 yards last Saturday against the Tigers. Yes, that Troy school that is known more for graduating future teachers than their football team. Not, now! Thanks, Coach O. One team, one heartbeat is still the battle cry, right? Hard for fans to rally around that when there are multiple heartbeats and no team in sight on the Bayou. BITTER, party of 1? UF wins this Homecoming game against LSU and further cements that Coach O is definitely turning into the wood with each passing day!

EZCN — https://youtu.be/y3bi5zht13Y

Cov’s Call — Florida 20 – 16

Wake Forest @ Clemson

How many of you Tiger faithful ever thought your head coach would have to mention a small amount of boos after a 34 – 7 win over Boston College at home? Anybody? Yeah, me neither! Clemson is that good, folks and Dabo stated he would never apologize for an ugly win! I believe so orange-clad followers might be taking the wins for granted! Remember, there are only 12 guaranteed a year, 15 if you are lucky! Cherish the wins (so many recently to recount, right) and flush the losses…which the Tigers have only experienced twice since the beginning of the 2015 season. Wake’s season takes a turn for the worst with another gut-wrenching loss as the orange axe chops down their dreams of a 8 or 9 win season.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/ZYZ53XEA9F4

Cov’s Call — Clemson 27 – 10

Alabama @ Texas A & M

These Crimson Tide players are on a mission. They are leaving no doubt as to who the best team in the land is. Yes…Clemson, you will get your shot! Unfortunately, for the Aggies Nick Saban has his guys playing good and they can still get better. The Aggies have a shot to hang around if the Tide turn the ball over and play sloppy, but I don’t see that happening on Saturday night in College Station. The Tide use their speed and talent to sand the Aggies into submission and make the hot seat even hotter for Sumlin entering mid-October.

EZCN — https://youtu.be/NmXc9FaheUo

Cov’s Call — Alabama 41 – 6

Michigan State @ Michigan

The last time these 2 teams played in the Big House one of the most epic endings to a college football game occurred. Trust me, Jim Harbaugh has not forgotten about that outcome and is definitely using it as motivation to keep his players focused for this match-up. I don’t believe the Wolverines are the 7th best team in the land, but the Spartans are not that good on offense this year. Defense, defense, and more defense in this one as the Wolverines win back the state bragging rights with a woodman-like effort on Saturday night!

EZCN — https://youtu.be/0rmr0SuuVxo

Cov’s Call — Michigan 23 – 10

Arkansas @ South Carolina

The Hogs run the ball…a lot. And South Carolina does not have a enough depth on defense to stop the run on a consistent basis. If USC can somehow stop the run and force Arkansas to throw, but the USC offense must be able to score in order to win. If the Gamecocks score less than 24 points, they lose. The Razorbacks will keep the ball enough to limit Jake Bentley’s chances and that spells doom for the garnet and black faithful. Brett Bielema will get a huge win as he heads into the gauntlet of his 2017 schedule and stave off the hot seat critics for one more week!

EZCN — https://youtu.be/3_8IbyqeVp0

Cov’s Call — Arkansas 27 – 21

Next 5

Penn State @ Northwestern

EZCN — Northwestern will have to fly south cause the Nittany Lions are coming.

Cov’s Call — The Nittany Lions use Barkley to up end the Wildcats in the Windy City.

Notre Dame @ UNC

EZCN — The Tar Heels will have to block and tar the road to victory lane for ND.

Cov’s Call — Irish will not need luck to jump out of Tobacco Road with a win.

Maryland @ Ohio State

EZCN — The Buckeyes will wi-….sorry, Maryland has just scored again, for the win.

Cov’s Call — Buckeyes stop the Turtles in their tracks!

Washington State @ Oregon

EZCN — Battle for the Northwest Star WSU will win, obviously, against the Ducks!

Cov’s Call — The Cougars go duck huntin’ and come up empty as Ducks upset Wazzu!

West Virginia @ TCU

EZCN — Battle for the Golden Football, TCU been bouncing through their opponents and its about time for WVU to lose.

Cov’s Call — Mountaineers can’t burn couches in Fort Worth as Horned Frogs stifle WVU’s offense.

That is it for Week 6 and please let us know your thoughts. Eli loves your comments.

Until next time…


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