17 Things Bound (NOT) to Happen In CFB…

People, we are here!

That first Saturday morning chill hit a few weekends ago and it definitely whet the appetite for the pigskin to be kicked off!

The summer has been crazy like I am sure yours has been too. Hiliarie and HesterGrace, 7, have been dancing and following the newly crowned Miss South Carolina, Suzi Roberts, around as one of her princesses. It culminates with a trip post Labor Day to NJ for Suzi’s shot at Miss America! Eli, 9 in a few weeks, has had somewhat of a slow summer but has enjoyed his time at the pool, golf course, and lake.

Now, as we get ready to meet our awesome new teachers who are going to mold our children’s lives over the next 10 months, I can’t help but think about one thing from the sports world: college football is back and all things are right in the world!

Before we kick the ball off in the days leading up to Labor Day one must partake in reading my yearly predictions…17 this year that will probably not go as planned just like a weatherman’s 7-day forecast!

17. Butch Jones does not make it to Christmas in Knoxville

Check this…UT lost to Vandy last year and came within a incomplete Hail Mary pass against Georgia from another L. And Josh Dobbs is not walking through that door in 2017. Bye, bye Butch!

16. Wyoming will win 11 games.

The Cowboys are good and the nation better take notice. Watch out and take a few of their games in. You can thank me later!

15. Wake Forest will go to a New Years Day bowl.

The Demon Deacons are pretty good and have always played fundamental football. The crowds in Winston-Salem should expect another big bowl in 2017.

14. Vanderbilt and Missouri will win more combined games than that of Syracuse and Boston College.

The ‘Dores preach defense and Mizzou oozes offense for days. In the ACC, the ‘Cuse light up the scoreboard and the Eagles run it down your throat. In this side bet, the SEC reigns supreme.

13. Washington will win the PAC-10 but miss out on the playoff .

The Huskies are still good on defense and QB Jake Browning is back, but a mid season loss does them in and they get left out barely.

12. Tom Herman wins 8 or more games in Austin.

The man can coach and the CFB world will see right away that the Longhorns will be a force to reckon with in years to come. I think this is a final landing spot for Herman unless The Hallows of the Horseshoe come a-calling! Texas wins 8 or more and set off huge expectations in year 2.

11. Georgia wins 9 or more games but loses the SEC East.

The Bulldogs are loaded in the offensive backfield and Kirby Smarts defense should be much better in year 2. Smart rides Chubb and Michele to a good second season between the hedges.

10. PJ Fleck rows the boat to a bowl game in the land of 10,000 lakes

Speaking of a win-win situation, this hire is good for both parties. They are still under the radar but gained the next and upcoming coach. They better win now because he will be out in 3 years max…Knoxville or College Station.

9. The bottom 2 teams in the SEC West will reside from the Magnolia State.

Huge Freeze is out but the QBs for each team will provide many highlight moments. It will not be enough as the tough conference schedule does them in. Sorry!

8. Sam Darnold will throw for 3500 yards and 30 touchdowns.

The kid is good. Plain and simple. If you East coasters can manage catch a few of his games this year. You will not be disappointed.

7. The Heisman Trophy will reside in Tuscaloosa come mid-December.

Say it ain’t so, right? They actually will have 2 contenders in QB Jaylen Hurts and RB No Scarborough. They are a force to reckon with but Hurts will lift the trophy mostly because of his legs. Hate to say so but it is happening!

6. Coach O will lead Tigers to 10 wins but still lose to Alabama.

The QB play is still not what it needs to be with Danny Etling but the talented RBs led by Derrius Guice will lead the way. New OC Matt Canada will bring a much different wrinkle to the field this fall…that’s for sure! And, don’t forget about the defense!

5. Will Muschamp will win 6 games again.

The offense is uber-talented, but the defense will struggle in many games. QB Jake Bentley will set some records as USC racks up yardage up and down the field. Lack of depth in the secondary will hurt the Gamecocks, who possess 1 of the toughest schedules in the country.

4. Clemson wins 10 games but misses on ACC Championship and 4-team playoff.

The Tigers defense will keep them in games throughout the season. Their defensive line is going to be sick! The offense will have moments but will struggle at times leading to 2 losses even though their WRs will be an unstoppable force. 10 wins is still impressive and keeps the Dabo train churning toward dynasty status.

3. Urban Meyer and Jimbo Fisher will have more wins than Chris Peterson and Mike Gundy.

This would be an interesting group of coaches to meet. Throw in Saban and Spurrier and I am all in! This will be a good battle to keep up with throughout the year. Get your popcorn ready!

2. Ohio State, Florida State, Oklahoma, and Alabama will make up the 4 team playoff.

1 team will have 0 losses but the other 3 will have 1 loss. This would be an ultimate playoff of programs that are in it year in and year out. The only problem I have with it is the same teams are showing up in 4-team playoff . That is why i can’t wait for it to extend to 8 teams because you get different teams each year. But it is what it is.

1. Ohio State raises their second playoff championship trophy in 4 year span!

The defense is scary good and QB J.T. Barrett is back for his 8th season under center for the Buckeyes. Seriously, what year is he? Meyer does it again and gets No. 4 for him putting him right behind Saban. This one turns him into a legend in Columbus.

There you have it, folks! Read them and weep (or laugh) as these things are bound NOT to happen.

I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing. Let me know your thoughts. Week 1 picks will be released in a few days…stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “17 Things Bound (NOT) to Happen In CFB…

  1. 15. I don’t see Wake doing well this year. I will admit the ACC has hired some quality coaches and schools like VA Tech, Virginia, Miami, and NC State are on the rise with Clemson, Fsu, and Louisville already established. I just can’t see Wake cracking the top 4 or 5 to get a new years bowl.
    7. Heisman will be very exciting race to watch with so many talented qbs this year. I like Darnold, Rosen, Jackson, Mayfield and Bentley to make a little noise if Usc can win 8 or more. Would love to see Guice and Bo Scar to get involved as well in the running.
    5. If Jake is healthy 7-5 to me is the floor with 8-4 likely and 9-3 a punchers chance if things go right with the o line. The offense will score points and the defense should be better. I think a few games will be shoot outs but sc has the firepower to win them behind Jake, Debo, Edwards, Rico, and Hurst. Having the nation’s 3rd hardest schedule doesn’t do any favors but this year we will see significant improvement from the boys at Willy B.
    4. Qb play will drop off significantly without Watson. D line will be very good but they lost a lot in the secondary and lb depth. Williams, Leggett, Scott, and Gallman will be hard to replace all at once. Schedule does them zero favors with Auburn early, Fsu, Louisville and I’m calling it now.. a loss in Columbia to end the season. Tigers go 8-4.
    2. Oklahoma will fall short this season without Stoops at the helm. Big 12 has some talented teams this year and I’d look for Mason Rudolph and Co. From Stillwater to be the cream of the crop in the conference.


    1. First of all, thanks for reading! You are the man with your comments!

      I think Bob Stoops has been holding OU back in recent years. No pressure in Norman and they capitalize on it.

      If USC beats CU at end of season it would a huge upset. The schedule is tough. The first 4 game stretch is key. Go 3-1 or 4-0 and the season sets up nicely. Go 2-2 or worse and you are staring 5-7 or 6-6 straight in the eye. The Oline has to keep Bentley healthy. Lose him and it could be worse! Did you know the school record for passing TDs at USC is 26. Last years best SEC QB had 28 or so. Bentley has to put up big numbers.
      Once again thanks for reading! You are the man. It should be fun as always.


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