When sports take a back seat! 

Today, May 23rd, marks 100 days until the official kickoff of college football on 09.02.17. 

Today almost marked huge playoff games in both the NHL and NBA that created more  excitement for those seasons ultimate final series starting in a few days. 

College baseball is also getting into the thick of playoff runs with conference tournaments and post season play taking place right now. 

All of this sports talk takes the ultimate back seat when you hear the one dreaded word: cancer. 

Our family recently was informed that one of our friends and dance studio dads has been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome…other wise known in Lehman terms as bone marrow cancer. 

First of all, cancer sucks! 

Second, after the realization of hearing the news and trying to assist the family in anyway humanly possible with the burden of the news, one goes into an ultra mode of compassion and giving. 

Third, cancer still sucks! 

The current situation I am writing about is where we are right now…not worrying about whether your favorite team won or lost. The dad is an awesome (and funny) guy and even better father to his children and grandad to his grandchildren. 

The cancer needs to be treated right away and a transplant will be needed to increase the chances of survival at this point. This article is not being written to only requests donations, but to raise awareness and hopefully inspire people to love as much as possible in the time we do have with our family and friends because we don’t know when it could be lost. 

Outside of his family, the dad loves golf, the Kansas City Royals, and to tell a great story. My family’s personal connection to him starts at our dance studio where his rising 11th grader has taken dance for the last few years. The wife is always around the studio and has become a rock for my mother in law (who owns the studio) to lean on for anything. 

The family means the world to use even though they just came into our lives a few short years ago. They are kind and compassionate and I hope that a lot of people show that to them  in return during this unexplainable difficult time. 

Once again, cancer sucks. 

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it inspires you to stop, take time, and love the people that mean the most to you…at home, at work, or wherever you feel the need. Write a letter, pass along a hug, hold a door open, or whatever makes you comfortable to show the love that it might be hard to spit out of your mouth. 

We only get one chance at all of this so let’s not mess it up. You can start fresh now and taking the time to raise awareness for this family’s situation and need would go a long way in making someone else’s day much brighter. 

There is a go fund me page that has been started by the family to help with medical and living costs during this time. More information about the opportunity can be found here: 


If you would like to donate but not through the site (or assist me in putting on a golf tournament to help raise funds) please send me an email and I will get the funds (or provide details on the fundraiser) to the family: 


Again, sports are great and teach us a lot about life and how to handle prosperity and failure, but in situations like this they take a back seat even though the dad is a big sports fan and an avid golfer. 

Thank you for your time and your consideration during this time. Sports are just that…sports. 

This is about life and love and kicking cancer’s ass. 


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