Here We Go Again…



This is the game that ended last season and everyone thought we would see it again unless 1 team had a slip up.

Clemson lost to Pittsburgh in mid November, almost derailing their of hopes of a return to the 4-team playoff. However, the defeat seemed to bring the Tigers into focus and they throttled their last 5 opponents before the title game. 

The Tide have been good all year, especially on defense. Their closest call came at the hands of another set of Tigers that call their home Death Valley. Alabama could have won that game 3-0 that night but QB Jaylen Hurts cemented the W with a TD run. 

This game that everyone has wanted. To see if Clemson could do it, could pull the so-called upset. If I was a betting man I would go Tide but something about the Tigers has me thinking orange to hoist the trophy. 

Here is Eli’s pick…with a little shout out to his bro…Deshaun Watson! 


P.S. A recap of the 2016 season will come after the 2017 Signing Day madness ends. 

More to come and as always thanks for reading. You guys are the best! 

Happy New Year! 


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