Week 12…21 Questions (to ponder)

I believe all kids love to ask questions! 

It’s in their DNA. The must do it! I believe their heads would explode if they couldn’t ask questions. 

Why? What? When? Where? How? 

It is like they are running a middle school English class that MUST know the answers to the questions at life’s every turn. 

It is still alive in adults too! Quick story…

A few years ago Hiliarie, Eli and I made a trip to Indianapolis for a dance competition that Hiliarie was working. I noticed Chicago was close (a mere 3 hours away) and the Cubs were in town. Eli and I made our way to the friendly confines and enjoyed a Cubs defeat to the Phillies during the second game of a young season. Once back to Indianapolis we made our way to the dance competition. There we met up with Hiliarie and one of her friends and co-workers, Miss Ashley! 

She is an awesome person that our family has come to love and enjoy our precious time with her. She is an awesome dance teacher and also a great mom now, too, who happens to be from Chicago. She proceeded to put Eli through his first game show of 21 questions about our trip to Wrigley Field. 

Where did you sit? (Behind 3rd base but 40 rows up lower level) What did you eat? (Hot dogs and pretzels) How was the game? (Cubs lost 2-0 to drop to 0-2 which now seems like a distant memory after winning their last game in 2016) Was it cold? (Yes, about 41 degrees with the wind blowing off Lake Michigan straight into our faces) Did you have fun? (Yes, we sure did even though Cubbies lost) Did you try the beer…oh, wait? (No, neither of us drank the beer) And on and on! 

It was a lot of fun and we still joke to this day about all the questions thrown at Eli in the span of a Chicago split second! This core memory (go see Inside Out..now!) leads me to where we are in the college football season! Eleven weeks in but we still have a lot of questions to ponder. 

Who will pull the next major upset? Who, if anyone,  will catch LJ8 in the Heisman race? How many more coaches will be fired? Will Alabama ever lose…again? Can Harbaugh and Meyer get along? When will the arms race for better facilities and higher salaries ever slow down? Is the SEC still the best conference? Will the term student athletes make it in the long run? Those are just a few hot button topics that we see in the greatest sport around and there are many more that I could get into here but will keep everyone’s blood pressure at normal levels. 

Upsets abound last week and man, was it great! Clemson, Michigan, and Washington all went down and that was just the Top 4. The other beat downs of ranked teams definitely messed with our picks as Eli made up some ground to give him a shot over the last few weeks. 

I went a very lousy 2-8 to slightly move my overall tally up to 71-38 (65.14%). Eli rebounded to go 5-5 and improved to 61-48 (55.91%). He now has time to catch up. 

Florida @ LSU

Gators are playing for SEC East and will keep it close but the good guys win it in the end. 

CC-Tigers 24-20


Penn State @ Rutgers

Name your score Nittany Lions! You can achieve it with just little effort. 

CC-Nittany Lions 38-14


Clemson @ Wake Forest 

Demon Deacons better pray Clemson doesn’t come in ticked off! Could be a long night for the home crowd. Tigers roll! 

CC-Tigers 31-14


Oklahoma @ West Virginia

ALERT! No burning couches here! Boomer Sooner all night long in the mountains of WV. 

CC-Sooners 34-24



Trojans catch the Bears and wrap them up! UCLA has no answer. 

CC-USC 31-17


That is it for this week. Huge thanks to all of our veterans out there. Could not do anything in our lives without your sacrifice. 

Turkey Day is coming! Turkey Day is coming! Prepare accordingly! 

Until next time…


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