Week 8 CFB picks…Intentional Grounding! 

Parent moment of the past week: Last Friday and Saturday was hard! Eli made one bad decision on Friday night and it cost him some alone grounded time in his room on Saturday! He also had to write an apology letter, write sentences and clean his room as well while spending about 4-5 hours in his room on Saturday. If any of you know Eli well you know this absolutely turned his world upside down and made me feel like the best parent in the world…ever! Now, that the sarcasm has passed and the initial smoke of embarrassment from the Covington boys cleared there were lessons awaiting on each corner like an Uber driver in Vegas. He learned the fact that 1 (small) bad decision can take away several good decisions in a split second! A wise woman that I am fortunate to call my better half (for more than 10 years now) taught me a lesson to make sure the punishment fit the crime after I originally planned for him to turn the age of 15 in his room for this decision…easy, right? 

Lessons learned! 

Week 7 saw several teachers provide lessons to teams that thought they even belonged in the classroom! Bama rolled the Vols and that is being nice! Vandy taught UGA that the grass is not always greener, Syracuse squeezed the gobbler out of the garnet Turkeys, and Ohio State jumped around all night in Madison! 

Eli went a good 5-5 last week to take him to 38-31 (55.07%). I went 7-3 again to move my total tally to 46-23 (66.67%). He has an opportunity to catch up as he made some interesting picks this week. 


Gamecocks get a real opportunity to score more than 20 points this weekend. If they miss it here I don’t see it happening again this year against FBS competition. Minutemen are bad, really bad! USC gets to top of ferris wheel and score 27 points. 

Cov’s Call-USC–27 UMASS–17

Eli’s Elite–

Arkansas @ Auburn

Four weeks ago this was just another game…now, a huge ranked game awaits both teams that have found themselves. Both teams are clicking offense and their D is playing better too! Should be a fun night on the plains…run vs. pass! I am going with the home Tigers! 

Cov’s Call-War Eagle–27 Hogs–21

Eli’s Elite–

Ohio State @ Penn State

Bucket list game here, especially with white out. Those white shirts will be soaked from all the tears that will be shed as JT Barrett and Co. once again rip out the hearts of everyone in Happy Valley! 

Cov’s Call-OSU–35 PSU–14

Eli’s Elite–

Iowa @Wisconsin

De-fense! De-fense! De-fense! It will be here! Badgers are still a top 10 team and Iowa is searching for biggest win of 2016. They don’t get it this weekend as Badgers stuff Iowa to bottom of Big 10 standings. 

Cov’s Call–Badgers-17 Iowa–13

Eli’s Elite–

NC State @ Louisville

The Lamar Jackson show faces a tough test in the Wolfpack defense who made Deshaun Watson look normal last week in Clemson. Cardinals struggled with Duke and could see a close game again this weekend. If Wolfpack can get out there own way they might have a chance but I don’t see that happening! 

Cov’s Call-UL–27 NCSU–21

Eli’s Elite–

Utah @ UCLA

Big PAC-12 game here in the Rose Bowl. Should be a lot of offense in this one but the Utes D steps up late and wins this one to move higher into polls. 

Cov’s Call–Utah-27 UCLA-23

Eli’s Elite–

Texas A&M @ Alabama

Alabama rolls this one up early in the 3rd quarter. They are that good! The Aggies have a good defense but the Tide are on another level. QB Jaylen Hurts is pretty good, too! 

Cov’s Call–Tide-35 Aggies-13

Eli’s Elite–

TCU @ West Virginia

Man, the offense! No offense but their will not be much defense in Morgantown. They will be burning couches like crazy after this one…WVU in the end! 

Cov’s Call–WVU-38 TCU-31

Eli’s Elite–

North Carolina @ Virginia

The Heels are coming off huge win last week in Fort Lauderdale against the ‘Canes! UVA is much better than expected but UNC is too much on offense! Too much! 

Cov’s Call–UNC-24 UVA-17

Eli’s Elite–

Ole Miss @ LSU

The Tigers are rolling with their new scheme and coaches. They will run the ball and run it some more but it will be out of the spread too and wear down the OM defense. This will be a great game…get your coffee ready for late kick! 

Cov’s Call–LSU-28 OM-23

Eli’s Elite–

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading. Until next time…


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