Week 7 CFB picks…Under Pressure! 

No, no this is not going to turn into a Queen remake of their popular song, but I did want to take 2 lines out of that song as my theme for this week: 

It’s the terror of knowing
What the world is about

Those 10 words describe the mentality of several teams and their contests this weekend as we enter the peak of the college football season…mid-October! 

Tennessee, N.C. State, Wisconsin, Duke, and Colorado State all have battles this Saturday they know are going to be test. When the Tide, Fighting Dabo’s, Buckeyes, Cardinals, and Broncos Arron the docket there has to be some terror in the minds of coaches, players, and fans. 

Last week, we picked 10 games but Hurricane Matthew reaked havoc on the Eastern seaboard from Florida to the northeast and took our official games to 9 with LSU-UF being postponed indefinitely. I went 6-3 to take my overall mark to 39-20 (66.10%). Eli went 5-4 to move his total tally to 33-26 (55.92%), but he did call the Navy upset of Houston…unreal he picked the Midshipmen! 

Before we get to recaps and picks, Eli shared just a few seconds and his thoughts on Mike the Tiger VI passing away earlier this week. Check it out here: 

Week 7 has some great games lined up but here is a quick recap of week 6 shenanigans: Washington old school Oregon-ed Oregon…Tennessee finally ran out of their Rocky Top 2nd half magic…The Tide defense could compete against the Browns any day…If South Carolina had an offense they could easily be at least 4-2, maybe 5-1…DeShaun Watson has started his ascent into the Heisman race…bring on this week’s games! 

NC State @ Clemson

The Tigers play host the Wolfpack, who are coming off a huge, rain soakened win against the Golden Domers! Early kick may help NCSU a little early on but as soon as Watson gets in his groove…watch out! Tigers D is too good and their BYOG their way to win No. 7. 

Cov’s Call–Tigers-31 Wolfpack-17

Eli’s Elite–

Alabama @ Tennessee

This game would be YUGE if the Vols could have pulled off victory in College Station last weekend, but it is still big for playoff and SEC championship dreams…might actually lead to LSU-UF playing on the field! Tide’s D and emerging O are too much for the Vols on this chamber of commerce day in Knoxville. 

Cov’s Call–Tide-30 Vols–13

Eli’s Elite–

North Carolina @ Miami

Two teams coming off demoralizing losses last week so whoever bounces off the mat first will seize control of this contest. Both teams have talent all over the field but Mark Richt is masterful coming off of a loss…throw the U up! 

Cov’s Call–Miami-27 UNC-21

Eli’s Elite–

Ole Miss @ Arkansas

If you asked for antonyms of college football teams…these would be the 2 teams! Big time spread vs. big time 2 tight end and 1 wide receiver sets. Who prevails? I believe it will be team who wins the special team and turnover battle. So, I see the Hogs winning the 2016 contest even though the Rebs have last year’s game squarely on the front of their mind. Hogs run away from Ole Miss and resurface in the SEC hunt. 

Cov’s Call–Hogs-27 Rebs-21

Eli’s Elite–

Stanford @ Notre Dame

Two teams that are heading in the same direction. Who actually makes a stop on defense first night win this game…honestly? There are players all over the field but no one knows how to play defense and that could light up the scoreboard if the weather is not bad in South Bend…big if! Irish find a way…some how! 

Cov’s Call–Notre Dame-31 Stanford-30

Eli’s Elite–

Arizona State @ Colorado
I totally missed on Buffs beating USC in LA but I think they come back home and take care of business against the Sun Devils on the mountain top. The two teams are very good on offense but struggle with the D and this game could be in the uppers 30. Buffs early and Buffs often. 

Cov’s Call–Buffs-34 Sun Devils-31

Eli’s Elite–

Ohio State @ Wisconsin

If you want offense, turn away…turn away quick! This game might not get into double digits unless turnovers or special teams go for a score! Camp Randall will be rocking and Jump Around will be blaring loud all night! The Bucks O will use every means necessary to get past Bucky the Badger, even with Urban Meyer pulling an ole trick out from under his sleeve. The first team to 14 wins…and I see this going to the Scarlet and Grey! 

Cov’s Call–OSU-14 UW-10

Eli’s Elite–

Nebraska @ Indiana

The Cornhuskers haven’t been this good this late in the season in a long time and man, are those fans overdue! I think their offense can withstand the punch that the Hoosiers D will throw at them, but pulling a W out will be tough! Huskers shuck the Hoosiers, but barely! 

Cov’s Call–Corn-21 Hoops-17

Eli’s Elite–

Pittsburgh @ Virginia

The Panthers battle the Wahoos in Charlottesville in a huge ACC battle that could make their way down to Clemson soon with a shot at a division title. The ground and pound will do in the Cavs and send the Panthers to a huge ACC win! 

Cov’s Call–Panthers-24 Cavs-14

Eli’s Elite–

West Virginia @ Tx Tech

If you need defense you are under pressure to go find a different game…quick! WVU likes to score and score quick! Texas Tech does too! Should be fun and might be remote worthy…if you like the scoreboard to light up every 2-3 minutes of real life. Last team with ball wins ans the crystal ball sees the Red Raiders doing so against the Mountaineers! 

Cov’s Call–TTU-40 WVU-37

Eli’s Elite–

Thanks for reading! We appreciate it! Until next time… 


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