Week 5 CFB…Define Your SELF-ie Weekend!

Last week brought us even more great games as streaks were snapped and a game was won then lost within a few minutes after actual replay review, but it seems it was just setting us up for Week 5 that could be even better! 

LSU is now looking for a new coach and unless you have been living under a rock the news hit around 4:15 EST on Sunday afternoon! Big time news when the calendar still reads September! He will be missed because he is a great coach but his lack of changing his offensive scheme and the under development of the QB position did him in down the stretch. Read more about him from my perspective in my open letter to Coach Les Miles (CLM) here: 


Anywho, if Eli keeps this pace up I will need to bring my A game every week to get a comfortable lead. We both went 7-3 last week to keep us squared up at 26-14 (65%) for the year! 
We tried something a little different this week (and feel free to let us know what you think as comments…good or bad…are welcome) as we head into week 5. There are a lot of games on the slate this week that could define a team’s season so we premiere Define Your SELF-ie Weekend! 

Louisville @ Clemson

Wisconsin @ Michigan

Stanford @ Wisconsin

Texas A&M @ South Carolina

Miami @ Georgia Tech

Tennessee @ Georgia

Texas @ Oklahoma State

Missouri @ LSU

UCON @ Houston

Notre Dame @ Syracuse

That’s it for this week’s picks. Let us know what you think! Thanks for reading. Until next time…


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