Thank You, CLM, Thank You! 

Twelve years is a long time! That is 3 presidential terms or 3 college terms…for most of us. 

That is how many seasons Coach Les Miles spent on the banks of the Mississippi where the sun sets in the western sky.

And, boy did he provide all LSU fans (and college football followers) a hell of a ride! 

Thank you, Coach Les Miles, thank you very much! 

Thank you for your dedication, grace, and strength during your first season on the job as the bayou and southern Mississippi were hit hard by a female right hook from a unbelievable storm named Katrina. You embraced the opportunity to help and led your team like no one before you, even moving a “home” game against Arizona State to Tempe, Arizona. 

Thank you for surving through 2 overtime losses in 2007 to make it to Atlanta and sneaking past Tennessee to make your way into the BCS Championship game…after several games went your way that cold December night. Then, thank you for dismantling Ohio State in NOLA to win the school’s 3rd national championship (2nd since 2003). 

Thank you for enduring through the 2008 season deemed the Pick Six as LSU QBs threw several passes to the opponents that were politely returned for a touchdown by the opponent…some happening multiple times in one game. 

Thank you for the 2011 season in its entirety…especially the first 13 games. That team beat 8 ranked opponents in 14 games! In a first, the BCS provided a conference re-match and LSU failed to bring home a second title under the Miles regime as they were shutout by Miles’ nemesis in T-town…Nick Saban! 

Thank you for rebuilding the LSU program from that dreadful night in NOLA that was 1/9/12. You showed class and dignity along the way in recovering from that game and kept the program afloat after many faithful fans never thought you could. 

Thank you for your apparent love and dedication for LSU and its student athletes you put on display on Saturdays throughout the fall and every other day of the year. 

Thank you for providing classic one liners, unforgettable in-game and post-game interviews, and explanations that made head-scratching and imperfect sense! 

You were a true player’s coach and it was very evident in the many post game scenes and singing the LSU alma mater while woven within a multitude of different players through the years. 

Last year just put a explanation point on your worth in the days leading up to and moments after the home win against Texas A&M as you were literally fighting for your job. You were carried off the field and thousands of tears were shed as the 2015 regular season ended. 

Thank you so much for all the memories…losses included, thank you for the exhilarating moments of what in the world followed by the oh, my!, and thank you for all the trick plays that worked and the ones that didn’t! 

Thank you for being a man of integrity and leading 18 – 22 year old men to a common goal bigger than the Fight for Victory on fall Saturdays! 

You truly are someone that I would allow my son to play for! To me, that is one of the highest compliments this former college athlete, former high school coach, and now father can give to you, the one and only, The Mad Hatter! 

I appreciate everything you have done for one of the greatest sports in the world and putting up with one of the craziest and passionate fan bases in the country. 

You are an uncommon man, Les Miles and for that, I am very thankful to have watched you coach, lead, and mentor the LSU men of the gridiron (and classroom) over the past 12 years. 

I know it is not much from a small town blogger but THANK YOU…it was a hell of a ride and you will truly be missed! 


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