16 (Un)-Sweet and Senseless CFB Forecast 12 – 9

The First Four predictions for the 2016 CFB season have been made. As we move into to 12 – 9. I am hoping to have much better results than I experienced with last year’s 2015 No Doubters. So, let’s go ahead and get into it instead of waiting any longer.

Why don’t you join me?

  1. Houston will lose to Oklahoma (in a close, close game), but will not lose again in 2016!

The Fighting Tom Herman’s will be all over the national spotlight after their 2015 campaign. Throw into the mix that they play Oklahoma opening weekend in Houstion at NRG Stadium and things get interesting right off the bat. Houston might play their way into a Power 5 conference with a win, but I just don’t see it. I do see them running the table after the Labor Day loss and maybe sneaking into the playoff as a No. 4 seed. The problem with all this success is that I see Herman making his way over to College Station or Austin if one of those programs decides to part ways with their coach. I know the Cougars decided to pay the man this off season in hopes of keeping him but I just don’t see if the Aggies or Longhorns come a-calling!

  1. San Diego State will go undefeated and make a New Year’s Six Bowl.

The Aztecs are loaded! Not so much for the rest of college football but in their conference they are like the Crimson Tide in that respect. They have a really good QB and even better running game that will destroy opponents in the second half of games. I am not saying that their conference is weak, but it is worse than a wet paper towel. I know they play on the West Coast and no one from the East that is a casual fan will care but they are good and deserve the respect that garners an undefeated season.

  1. The Heisman Trophy will take up its second residence in the Palmetto State of SC.

The Heisman Trophy is an exclusive group in all of sports and the state of South Carolina will join that club one more time in early December as the Clemson Tigers signal caller will raise the hardware in NYC. He blew up Alabama’s defense in the title game and is on a pedestal not on in the state, the ACC, but also the entire country. People from all over will be tuning into watch the Tigers play. They might not tune in for the defensive side of it but will definitely not miss No. 4 with the ball in his hands or his feet matriculating the orange pants down the field.

  1. The Miami Hurricanes will win 8 or more games.

Mark Richt can flat out recruit and flat out coach. I know he lost games in Athens that were inexcusable and always had players suspended from off-season shenanigans. Now, he is in a place that doesn’t care that much about discipline and a lot about winning. If Richt can win like he did at UGA then he will be fine in Miami. He only has a few teams to compete against each year so I would say his road through the ACC is a lot easier. This year might be a struggle to get to 8 wins, but in subsequent years he will move them up to 9 or 10 on a more consistent basis.

That is it for the Second Four. Let me know what you as we inch closer to toe meeting leather!


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