16 (Un)-Sweet and Senseless CFB Forecast

This 2016 college football season is here, folks!

I can feel it coming in the air tonight and does it not feel magical?

The gurus have made their predictions and provided all their thoughts on who is going to win this and who is going to win that and what teams are going to succeed and what teams will stink!

I say let’s kick the pigskin off and let these 18-20 year olds decide for themselves. And to be official, the college football season has already started last night as Cal clawed Hawaii 51 – 31 down under in Sydney. Back in the States it all gets started Thursday night, 9/1 and will be mass chaos over the next 5 months as almost 400 FBS games will be played before mid-January.

But….before toe meets leather here are my 16 (Un)-Sweet and Senseless things that are bound NOT to happen in 2016…but bare with me, this should be a fun and exciting ride!

  1. The Washington Huskies are overrated!

                Chris Peterson left Boise State a few years ago for Seattle and the PAC-12. To say it was a big rebuilding job might be a understatement because it was huge. He has some athletes and playmakers all over the field but they are still in the PAC-12 and are middle of the farm at best. They should start 3-0 before their gauntlet of conference opponents with a home game against Stanford sandwiched by road games at Arizona and Oregon. Can Peterson and the Huskies survive with only 1 loss they have a chance, but I see them going 1-2 and struggling down the stretch with a loss or 2 as well. I see 8-4 or 9-3 which is great but not Top 15 worthy in my opinion.

  1. Christian McCaffery runs wild all year and earns another trip to New York City.

By running wild I have him rushing for at least 2,400 yards including possible multiple post season games. He will lead the Cardinal to a great 10-2 record while compiling 2,400 or more yards. The son of a former NFL’er is a monster and I expect him to have another great season. Putting up these numbers this season should earn him a cross country trip to New York in early December. He has some smart teammates and unbelievable coaches that provide the extra mo-jo he needs to take him to the top. I don’t believe he will finish #1 in the voting (pick coming later) but will have an outstanding finish to an unbelievable career.

  1. Michigan does not finish in the Top 5 and misses out on the playoff.

                The Wolverines are good but they are a year away. Just hear me out! Harbaugh has done a lot in the offseason but I believe they will struggle down the stretch. They are not sure who their QB is and Jabrill Peppers cannot play all the positions on the game. They have road games at East Lansing and Columbus that will not bode well for the maize and blue. They will get to 9 – 3 but struggle in big games as their season moves into October and November.

  1. Tennessee will win the SEC East but will not beat Florida in Knoxville

                Until the Volunteers actually beat the Gators after umpteen years of being on the L side of things I cannot pick them. I just can’t do it…sorry to all my Vol fans and readers! I know a lot of people are thinking UT is going to possibly sneak in the playoff but I just don’t see it. They have a tough October and their first game against Appalachian State is a true trap game a week before their contest against Virginia Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway. Florida will present a challenge to the Vols because of their defense playing better but Rocky Top will head to Atlanta with 2 division losses.

Thanks for reading! You readers are what make this go! Let me know what you think of the first 4 thoughts on the 2016 CFB season and 12 – 9 will be coming…soon!


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